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             23 September 2018


Cessation of the Phlebotomy Service at
Fareham Community Hospital


The Phlebotomy service at FCH is being withdrawn by QA hospital at the end of September 2018 and persons requiring blood test will now need to book an appointment at their own doctor's surgery or attend the walk-in centres at QA or Southampton General Hospital.


Those people who have blood test bookings in October are being contacted by QA to attempt to reschedule their appointment. There will be a limited number of days in October when a Phlebotomist will be on site at FCH. 


It is with much regret that we, the Friends of Fareham Community Hospital, have had to make the decision that we must now withdraw the volunteer support for the phlebotomy service from September 30th at FCH as the decisions made by QA hospital have effectively made the volunteers redundant.

This is a very sad situation and we will be 
organising a meeting for volunteers to both say thank you and to see if there is any way roles could be developed in another direction so that there will be continuing support for the hospital.



Additional Support for Hospital Services


The Friends of Fareham Community Hospital have purchased a large LCD TV screen and wall support for the Physiotherapy Department. The Display will be used to provide information to physiotherapy clients.



2 February 2018

Campaign to boost hospital bus service


Fareham MP Suella Fernandes wants to improve accessibility at Fareham Community Hospital by installing a bus stop.


A previous trial subsidised by the county council was subsequently withdrawn due to low levels of usage.


First Group has indicated they are prepared to revise bus routing with a stop at the hospital if there is sufficient demand. To date, there has been insufficient evidence of there being enough demand to make cost-effective changes to routes.


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