Friends of Fareham Community Hospital
Friends of Fareham Community Hospital

May to December 2018


Come and meet the

Neighbourhood Policing Team

at the Hospital every second Wednesday of the month, 

from May to December.



10 May

6 June

4 July

1 August

29 August

19 September

17 October

14 November

12 December

13.30 hrs - 14.30hrs

By the Information Desk


The timetable of discussion meetings at the hospital

For details of each event see our News pages


May            2018    PARKINSONS

July            2018    EYE CARE

September 2018    Going through the Motions (Bowell and Digestive matters)

November  2018    Our Paramedics, Accessing their care and what they can do to help us

January      2019    Caring for our Hearts

March         2019    Understanding Our Brains

May            2019    Lumps and Bumps. Skin care

July             2019    Waterworks, including Prostrate care.



Welcome to The Friends of Fareham Community Hospital Web Site


The Friends of Fareham Community Hospital have been formed to give support to the new Hospital and help to link it with the community which it serves. We help to provide guidance to users on entering the hospital, operate a dementia friendly memory club, operate the blood test desk, raise funds for equipment and materials which are outwith the limited budget of the NHS and raise awareness of the services available at the hospital.

FFCH as we call it was started in June 2010 soon after the Hospital was established. Set up as a charity in September 2011, the Friends’ initial objectives are:

  • to provide Volunteers for a welcoming and guided stewarding service for patients and to help man certain reception desks
  • to enhance the waiting area with, among other things, flowers, magazines and useful information about local patient support groups
  • to publicise the Hospital’s services and activities throughout the community
  • to encourage local organisations and businesses to support the Hospital where appropriate
  • to bring to the attention of the Hospital staff any concerns or suggestions from the public of which they may become aware, for instance the need for the return of a local centre for medical equipment loans.
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